Anri Kapanadze

Head of Commercial Department
Georgian healthcare industry has undergone a number of reforms and transformations during the last two decades. In the past Georgia had shortage and relatively poor quality of medical services, which led Georgian citizens to travel abroad for medical purposes and spend hundreds of millions in healthcare treatment outside the country, mainly in Turkey, Israel and Europe. For the past several years, supportive Government reforms and the engagement of private players in the healthcare sector have resulted in significant improvements in the overall standard of infrastructure and greatly boosted demand for quality healthcare services. On the other hand, prices on healthcare services in Georgia remain highly competitive compared to other medical tourism destination countries (c. half of the prices charged in Turkey), which is a great opportunity for attracting medical tourism to our country. GHG is the leader and pioneer in the healthcare services market and we are confident to treat any patient with high standards of quality. Therefore our mission is: 1. Reverse tourism – to identify and develop services where we have service gaps and raise confidence among our citizens, so that Georgians can benefit from these services locally, instead of travelling abroad; and 2. International medical tourism – to promote and attract patients from the neighbouring countries for the high-quality healthcare services at reasonable price. 

Mr. Kapanadze joined GHG in 2017. Prior to joining the Group, he worked as a managing director at Alfas house construction company. Prior to this role Mr. Kapanadze served as a first deputy director at United Water Supply Company of Georgia, and before that as a CEO at GDS Media Holding and at KIA Motors. He holds master’s degree in Commercial Law from Social Science and Law Oxford Brookes University.