Podiatry is the branch of science that studies the foot and its pathologies.  

The study of foot biomechanics is very important for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. For this purpose, plantography is used in modern medicine. 

The Evex network applies plantography – a digital method of foot examination. The process implies direct 3D scanning, parameter analysis and selection of individual insoles by an orthopedist.   

Treatment and prevention of the following diseases is carried out in the clinic:

  • flat foot;
  • valgus or varus platypodia;
  • crooked feet;
  • metatarsal bone inflammation;
  • Morton’s neuroma; Achilles tendinitis;
  • plantar fasciitis;
  • sesamoid bone inflammation; 
  • osteochondropathy; 
  • Haglund’s disease;
  • Schlatter’s disease;
  • calcaneal spur;
  • arthritis;
  • heavy feet syndrome;
  • diabetic foot;
  • prevention after surgery and trauma;
  • spinal curvature, scoliosis;
  • issues during pregnancy.