Cardiac surgery

The Evex network’s cardiac surgery department is considered one of the most developed countrywide due to its highly skilled personnel and up-to-date material and technical base. It has successfully performed the following cardiac procedures:

  • coronary shunt
  • valve surgery, including mini invasive approach
  • surgery of congenital and acquired heart diseases
  • surgery of cardiac and thoracic tumors
  • aorta surgery
  • endovascular surgery
  • surgery of peripheral artery
  • surgery of venous system
  • rhythm surgery

For the safety reasons, the operating room is equipped with the perfusion apparatus TERUMO1, intra-aortic balloon pump.

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თეონა შათირიშვილი

ექიმი ნევროლოგი

Iashvili Paediatric Tertiary Referral Hospital. თბილისი, ლუბლიანას ქ 13/6

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ლევან სუხიშვილი

გადაუდებელი და კრიტიკული მედიცინის განყოფილების უფროსი / ანესთეზიოლოგ-რეანიმატოლოგი

Caucasus Medical Centre. Kavtaradze str. 23, Tbilisi, Georgia