Pediatric surgery

The Department of Respiratory Medicine at M. Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital combines pediatric pulmonology, thoracic surgery, thoracoscopic and endoscopic services.

Various types of surgical procedures are performed in the clinic:

  • congenital pathologies such as esophageal atresia, diaphragmatic hernia, congenital anomalies of lung and respiratory system, congenital tumors
  • correction of thoracic deformations: cobbler’s chest, chicken breast
  • surgical treatment for tumor diseases of thoracic organs
  • surgical treatment for infectious diseases of lungs and pleura: lung abscess, pleural empyema pleural decortication etc.
  • treatment for traumatic injuries of thoracic organs
  • anti-reflux surgery
  • surgical treatment for spontaneous pneumothorax
  • lung echinococcectomy  

 Thoracoscopic surgery:

  • lung abscess
  • pleural empyema
  • echinococcectomy
  • thoracoscopic biopsy/excision of tumor mass
  • therapeutic/diagnostic thoracotomy


  • removal of foreign bodies from the respiratory tract
  • removal of foreign bodies from the digestive system
  • diagnosis and endoscopic treatment of congenital and acquired pathologies of the respiratory tract
  • therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopy
  • diagnosis and treatment of esophageal burns


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პავლე პეტაშვილი

ზოგადი ქირურგიული განყოფილების უფროსი; ქირურგი; ბავშვთა ქირურგი;
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პოლიკარპე დოლიძე

ბავშვთა ქირურგიის განყოფილების უფროსი

Childrens New Referral Hospital. Tbilisi, 21, Lubliana str.

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ვაჟა კვიციანი


Childrens New Referral Hospital. Tbilisi, 21, Lubliana str.