In vitro fertilization

An auxiliary method in the treatment of infertility

Today, infertility is a worldwide problem; however, due to innovations in the sphere of medicine, one way around this problem is in vitro fertilization.
To achieve the desired results in reproductive medicine and in in vitro fertilization, it is important to conduct a number of studies and apply specific knowledge to practice

What is in vitro fertilization?

In vitro fertilization is an auxiliary method used to treat infertility. Male and female reproductive cells are combined outside of the female body with the embryo obtained then implanted in utero. In vitro fertilization consists of three main phases:   
  • Ovary stimulation,
  • Egg retrieval from the follicle and cultivation,
  • Embryo transfer into the uterus.

What kind of investigation is necessary for in vitro fertilization?

  • Endocrinologist consultation;
  • Hormonal studies;
  • Virus analysis;
  • Ultrasound examination of mammary and thyroid glands;
  • Gynecological ultrasound examination;  
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity and anti-mullerian hormone testing;
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy, hysteroscopy. 



Our advantages:

  • Highly skilled and experienced specialists;
  • Modern methods of diagnosis including pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of embryos (PDG);  
  • A laboratory with an ISO 9001:2008 international certificate;
  • Modern infrastructure and patient-oriented service.   

When is artificial fertilization applied?

In vitro fertilization should be applied if other methods of treatment have not led to the desired outcome.   
Modern technologies, painless treatments, empathy towards patients, proper use of resources, highly skilled personnel – these factors have defined the success of the “Caraps Medline” clinic for more than 20 years. One of the clinic’s main advantages is its team of professional doctors in various specialties. Diverse outpatient services, general surgery, gynecology, in vitro fertilization, orthopedic and trauma surgery, osteo-synthesis, blood vessel surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, ophthalmology – the clinic offers its patients a full range of services.   
In 2014, Caraps Medline joined the Evex Medical Corporation. Today, the corporation owns the largest hospital network in Georgia and runs 47 clinics in six regions of the country. 
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