Evex Medical Corporation has one of the most highly developed pediatric services in the country, which provides high-quality services to patients. The pediatric division in the Evex network is presented by the profile clinics as well as the pediatric departments in the multi-profile hospitals where all types of services are offered.

The Iashvili and Tsitsishvili Pediatric Profile Hospitals are located in Tbilisi and Batumi; the Mother and Child Hospital is located in Batumi; and there is one of the most advanced pediatric departments in the Kutaisi Intervention Center where qualified personnel provide all types of services.

Apart from high-quality and qualified personnel, one of the advantages of our pediatric services is their availability in one space, which provides diagnoses in the shortest period of time possible and further effective treatment.
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Batumi Referral Hospital. 125, Bagrationi str. Batumi