Nino Chichua

Marketing and Communications Director


Nino has a great experience in managing Chichuacardo and state organizations. Prior to joining "Evex Medical Corporation", Nino was General Director of Public Service Hall, before she headed the Department of Marketing at the Ministry of Justice of Georgia and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Privatization Division. In 2010-2014 he participated and implemented one of the most successful projects in the history of the country "House of Justice"
Nino Chichua also worked in "People's Bank", "TBC Bank", Insurance Company "Aldagi" on managerial positions.

Nino has graduated from the English Language Bachelor's Degree in Ilia University (2001), and holds the Master of Degree in European Management High School (ESM) in Business Administration (2004).

Executive Master in Marketing & Sales at the Esady Business School (Spain) and Bochon Management School (Italy) in February 2015 and received Master's Degree in his autobiography publications, collaborated with various universities and engaged in academic activities.