The Board of Anesthesiology-Reanimatology Medical Experts aims to improve medical services in this area and implement a treatment system of the latest standards among the network. The board brings together the country's leading specialists. With their effort, unified treatment standards are being developed, including the implementation of the latest guidelines and protocols, the development of services, and the training of staff. Constant training in the form of lectures or protocols is carried out. In addition, members of the Board of Experts frequently organize councils and work together on particularly complex medical cases. The Board of Medical Experts in Anesthesiology-Reanimatology regularly cooperates with the network professionals in the field of critical care, if necessary, conducts both online and on-site consultations.

At this stage, one of the priority projects of the Board of Medical Experts in Anesthesiology-Reanimatology is the implementation of the so-called World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist. The goal of this project is to ensure the safety of the pre-operative patients and to minimize the risk of incidents in the operating suite.