16 September, 2021

The Center for Clinical Oncology offers multidisciplinary treatment to patients of the Caucasus Medical Center

The Center for Clinical Oncology is staffed by a new team of doctors and nurses. Cancer patients are served by a multidisciplinary team of the hospital. As necessary, highly qualified professionals of various fields are involved in the treatment process. The direction is headed by Ivane Kiladze, an oncologist with Western experience, who has joined the Caucasus Medical Center along with his team.

The department offers a full range of services to cancer patients. The Center for Clinical Oncology actively cooperates with the Board of Experts for Oncology and Hematology, headed by Zaza Ujmajuridze, an oncologist working in Denmark.

Clinical Boards bring together successful Georgian doctors working in Georgia and abroad and, among other important functions, provide treatment for complex medical cases.

The process is led by Alex Baydoshvili, a Georgian pathologist-anatomist working in Europe who is the head of the Evex Pathology Department. In addition, the Caucasus Medical Center has a psychological support service, which is an important factor for cancer patients.