16 May, 2017

Representatives of the Mayo Clinic shall conduct 3 day training on the subject of critical medicine and trauma

The trainers of one of the leading American clinics – the Mayo Clinic have arrived to Georgia. Within the framework of the visit on May 16, 17 and 18 in the diagnostic center of the Evex Medical Corporation the foreign colleagues shall conduct trainings on the following topics:  fundamental critical care support (FCCS); Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support (PFCCS) and trauma surgery.  The trainings shall be attended by the ER doctors, traumatologists, therapists, pediatricians and doctors of other profile. 

 Within the framework go the visit the American colleagues shall attend and assess the trainings on the subject of FCCS and PFCCS conducted by the trainers of second generation. Also, it is planned to conduct similar courses in future as well and shall be held masterclass on the topic of infectious diseases presenting risk to life. 

As of now in the Evex Medical Corporation there are 20 licenced trainers of new generation. The Evex Training Center has undergone national accreditation, as well as possesses international (American) licence, which means, that the Center can offer trainings to doctors invited from any country from Europe and Asia.