17 June, 2017

Polyclinics of Evex Medical Corporation have joined the universal healthcare program

Beneficiaries, who enjoy the Universal Healthcare Program, can be registered in the polyclinics of EVEX Medical Corporation and get 70% - 100% financing for:

  • Consultation of a family doctor and specialists;
  • Laboratory and diagnostic analysis;

Besides, the Corporation offers beneficiaries 30% discount till the end of the year for medical services, which are not covered by the insurance.  

You can apply the Universal Healthcare State Program in the following EVEX polyclinics:

  • Saburtalo polyclinic, Vazha-Pshavela av. 40
  • Isani polyclinic, Ketevan Tsamebuli av. 69
  • Gldani polyclinic, I mc/d, adjoining to cartographic factory
  • Varketili polyclinic, Javakheti st. 30
  • Mtatsminda polyclinic, V.Vekua st. 3
  • Didi Digomi polyclinic, I. Petritsi st. 16
  • Didube polyclinic, A. Tsereteli av. 141a
  • Diagnostic center, P. Kavtaradze st. 23

Upon registration in EVEX polyclinics, the beneficiaries will get 10-lari voucher of GPC or Pharmadepo pharmacy network, within the Universal Healthcare Program.