02 August, 2021

Ivane Bokeria Referral Hospital has acquired the status of a University Hospital

Ivane Bokeria Referral Hospital has acquired the status of a University Hospital. The status of the University Hospital implies continuous improvement of the academic quality and constant educational process, which requires more responsibility. Public lectures, online training, and masterclasses with the involvement of specialists working abroad will regularly take place at the medical center. There are all conditions for the above-mentioned at Iv. Bokeria Medical Center: treatment based on assertive medicine and a highly qualified, multi-profile team.

The name of the hospital is also associated with the work of a distinguished clinician. Ivane Bokeria has made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of Evex as a chain of hospitals. He has led the company's clinical direction for years and has been actively involved in educational processes. His name is associated with the first liver transplantation in Georgia, which was successfully performed in 2014. With his efforts, a residency program was established in the chain. The Hospital named after the clinician is today represented by one of the most powerful teams and diverse services of high quality.

Ivane Bokeria University Hospital fully meets the requirements of its status. Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between the Tbilisi Open University and our hospital, students have the opportunity to deepen theoretical and practical knowledge on the material and technical base of the clinic. Especially since the hospital has developed the latest protocols and guidelines, ongoing scientific research is carried out, and a mechanism for the production of electronic medical history is available.

Within the memorandum, students of the English program of the Tbilisi Open University School of Medicine will have a unique opportunity from September 2021 to receive a study grant of GEL 100,000. The 3 students with the highest academic achievement will receive the funding for postgraduate studies, while the 5 entrants with the highest scores will receive funding for university tuition fees. The cooperation also envisages the creation of a master's program in Medical Management, which will contribute to the development of medical services in the country and the development of interdisciplinary management skills.

Such kind of cooperation between a medical company and an educational institution takes place for the first time in Georgia. The exclusive memorandum aims to implement the latest theoretical or practical approaches to teaching.