05 March, 2018

First Neurovascular Forum In South Caucasus Was Held In Westn Georgia Medical Center

In West Georgia Medical Center, Kutaisi, frst the time in south Caucasus, neurovascular forum was held- “Endovascular Treatment of Brain Aneurysms and Arterial-venous Malformations”.

The training course was held on March 2-3led by experts from Latvia and Russia. They presented papers on endovascular treatment of brain aneurysms.

This 2-day forum included four sample surgeries. On March 2nd, neurosurgeons attended high technology procedure- embolization of arterial-venous malformation using PHIL™ Liquid Embolic. As for March 3rd, attendees saw sample surgery of Aneurysm Embolisation.  Complex surgical procedures included in this training course were conducted by West Georgia Medical Center neurosurgeon- Mirza Khinikadze.

Any neurosurgeon from Georgia had an opportunity to attend the forum.  

Georgian neurovascular forum was organized by a leading worldwide company in endovascular surgeru- Microvention-terumo and EVEX Medical Corporation- the largest medical chain in Georgia.