01 May, 2018

“Evex Medical Corporation” Tbilisi Polyclinics Will Now Have Anti-Tobacco Service

Anyone wishing to stop smoking can now use Anti-Tobacco Service in Tbilisi, provided by EVEX. Our service was created according to the newest medical research.  

Nicotine-dependent patients will be managed by specialized and trained staff. Treatment course will be planned individualy, taking daily tobacco dose and smoking history into consideration.

Before and during treatment, physicians will monitor cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. All side effects related to tobacco cessation will also be managed.

Nicotine withdrawal is managed with a special medication, which decreases the withdrawal effect. Management of the patient also includes psychologists, who conduct group sessions.

Nicotine-dependency, compared to other harmful habits, is one of the most difficult to manage.

Our service was created by Experts from World Alliance for Tobacco Control and has 80% efficacy.

Taking social responsibility, from May 1st, “EVEX Medical Corporation” will provide this service for Tbilisi residents for free for three months.

For additional information, please call EVEX hotline: 2 55 05 05