24 April, 2017

“Evex Medical Corporation” supports new legislative initiative on tobacco control and considers it essential for the country

“EVEX Medical Corporation” is one of the largest healthcare providing organization in Georgia, which every day delivers health care to hundreds of patients with health problems caused by smoking tobacco.  

According to the latest research, Georgia is on the second place in Europe by number of smokers, therefore, there are increased cardiovascular and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, and cases of cancer.  

Amendments to the law, which are aimed at increasing of tobacco control, will promote solving one of the serious problems of public healthcare and improving incidence rate caused by the harmful impact of tobacco consumption.  

This week “EVEX Medical Corporation” starts a new project within the framework of the social responsibility “Office without tobacco”. Within the project, “EVEX Medical Corporation” jointly with methodologists and consultants of the Tobacco Control Alliance has developed a special treatment program, which will help the personnel who wish to give up smoking, in overcoming nicotine dependence.  

The treatment program will be completely financed by “EVEX Medical Corporation”, on the first stage, the personnel of EVEX head office will be able to participate in the program voluntarily.