18 January, 2017

Children’s first hospice “Fireflies’ country” has opened in Georgia

Children’s first hospice “Fireflies’ Country” opened in Georgia on 17 January. The children’s hospice is a family-type institution, which provides palliative care for children with chronic and incurable diseases. The service is free.  

The hospice will function in three basic directions: 24-hour service for 10 children and their parents, the day center, where children and their parents will stay for receiving required service, the home care service, which has been operating already for a year and at the moment is serving 26 children.

The construction of the children’s hospice started in October, 2015, by the initiative of the “Open Society – Georgia” Foundation, by the first financial contribution of the “EVEX Medical Corporation" and with the assistance of the President’s Fund. Thereafter, hundreds of private persons and business companies have become donors of the hospice. More than one million GEL was collected for the hospice construction during a year. The children’s hospice project is the best example of cooperation between business, non-governmental sector, the president and citizens.

The investment in the construction of the children’s hospice is one of the most important projects, which has been implemented within the social responsibility of the “EVEX Medical Corporation”.

Tbilisi Children’s Hospice complies with the standards of the best hospices of the world both from functional and architectural point of view. Along with skilled and caring personnel, the environment – the interior, the name of the hospice and all other details are very important for providing children’s way of life in the hospice.