About Boards

Emergency Medicine

The Board of Experts for Emergency Medicine serves to improve the quality of emergency medical care.


The aim of The Board of Pediatrics Experts is the development of pediatric services and promotes the unified standardization of pediatric services across the network. The clinical board, staffed by the country’s leading professionals ensures the implementation of a new treatment methodology.


The Board of Anesthesiology-Reanimatology Medical Experts aims to improve medical services in this area and implement a treatment system of the latest standards among the network.

Cardiology/Cardiac Surgery/Interventional Cardiology

The Board of Medical Experts for Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Cardiac Surgery aims to develop services and improve the ways of treatment in this area. The process of development of the latest international guidelines and protocols and training of specialists is carried out continuously. Professional consultations are held with the involvement of clinical board members in 6 regions of the country as well.


The Board of Medical Experts for Neurology-Neurosurgery aims to improve medical services in this field and provide high-quality medical treatment. The Clinical Board is staffed with highly qualified professionals with Western experience working in Georgia and abroad.


The Board of Oncology-Hematology aims a better management of oncological cases and implementation of the system of the latest standards. An important factor is the proper management of the flow of patients in the network and referrals from primary health care providers to hospitals. The clinical board, which consists of Georgian and internationally recognized professionals, plays an important role in the process of strengthening the direction of oncology and hematology.