About Evex

EVEX Medical Corporation is the largest chain of hospitals country-wide, currently represented with 78 clinics in 6 regions of Georgia.

In 2013, along with the changes of the management team and the business strategy, the name of My Family Clinic was changed to Evex Medical Corporation. This was conditioned by the change of the management team and the business strategy, aimed at getting closer to international medical standards in the hospital chain (JCI) and introduction of patient-tailored medical care service. As a result of the standardization, an important change will be made in the Georgian medical sector, which will allow residents of each region to receive high quality medical care in the clinics of the hospital network.

Main advantages of our Corporation:

  • Orientation / focus on the development of healthcare sector; 
  • Orientation on the patient and his/her safety;
  • Increase of territorial accessibility to healthcare services;
  • Ensuring a proof-based complete medical care for people with any social status;
  • Permanent care to improve the service;
  • Introduction of high-tech innovative healthcare services;
  • Constant care for increasing the knowledge and qualification of the medical personnel;
  • Exclusive cooperation with international professional associations and organizations.